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Chatfic: Ladd/Kesler High School AU

So a long time ago I told shoemaster this story about Ladd and Kesler going to rival high schools. And then I wrote some of it, outlined more of it, and then I got totally distracted by other things, mostly Nothing Worth Knowing.

This was the fist Ladd/Kesler story I started, and I eventually ended up culling a lot of themes and situations from it to use in other stories. (For example, fighting in a parking lot - apparently something I think is quintessentially Ladd/Kesler. Who knew.)

So this is all cobbled together from chats and my outline and more chats.

Also, warning for post-practice sweaty sex, for those of you that don't like sweat. Skim that part. :)

High School AUCollapse )

Until the...

Epilogue to the High School AUCollapse )
Knocking Me Dead

Author: beatperfume
Pairing: Andrew Ladd/Ryan Kesler
Rating: Adult
Word Count: ~16,000
Summary: Ryan Kesler doesn't mean to pick up a hooker. Really.

Warnings: Hookerfic. Mild violence. Bruises.

More Warnings: I don't actually know how hookers work, okay? I also don't actually know how the Canadian criminal justice system works, and I don't know what the players did during the Vancouver riots. This is all made up and self-indulgent.

Thanks to angelsaves for the amazing beta, doctor_denmark for looking it over, and thanks to shoemaster for being the reason this story is a story and not just a two sentence email that never went anywhere.

Title from David Bowie's Cracked Actor.

At AO3

Ryan Kesler doesn't mean to pick up a hooker.Collapse )

Part Two
The One About the Appendix

Author: beatperfume
Pairing: Andrew Ladd/Ryan Kesler
Rating: Adult
Word Count: ~11,000
Summary: During his first NHL season, Andrew Ladd had an emergency appendectomy. This is a story about that.

Notes: This follows Nothing Worth Knowing in the Extra Curriculars Verse.

Warnings: Lack of medical knowledge, lack of people beating each other up, lack of plot, and Alexandre Burrows.

Thank you to shoemaster and doctor_denmark for being my audience, and to angelsaves for being my wonderful beta.

At AO3

'I have finals,' is the first thing Jane says when Andrew picks up his cell phone.Collapse )

Ladd/Kesler Chatfic

I was going to make Imp post this, but I got bored, so here I am, posting it.

Ladd/Kesler chatfic, porn, with violence and choking. Like you do.

It's basically just like every other Ladd/Kesler fic Imp and I chatfic, except this one has choking.Collapse )
Nothing Worth Knowing

Authors: beatperfume and shoemaster
Pairing: Andrew Ladd/Ryan Kesler
Rating: Adult
Word Count: ~36,000
Summary: Ryan Kesler hates Andrew Ladd on sight. College AU.

Notes: Sequel to Extra Curriculars. We have taken extreme liberty with the following things: relative ages, all things regarding NCAA hockey, the University of Vermont, geography. And possibly more.

If you're wondering who these guys are and why you should care, there's a primer right here.

Thank you to angelsaves for the beta!

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught.

--Oscar Wilde

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