March 28th, 2012

hockey ryan kesler

Chatfic: Ladd/Kesler High School AU

So a long time ago I told shoemaster this story about Ladd and Kesler going to rival high schools. And then I wrote some of it, outlined more of it, and then I got totally distracted by other things, mostly Nothing Worth Knowing.

This was the fist Ladd/Kesler story I started, and I eventually ended up culling a lot of themes and situations from it to use in other stories. (For example, fighting in a parking lot - apparently something I think is quintessentially Ladd/Kesler. Who knew.)

So this is all cobbled together from chats and my outline and more chats.

Also, warning for post-practice sweaty sex, for those of you that don't like sweat. Skim that part. :)

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Until the...

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