panfix (panfix) wrote,

Ladd/Kesler Chatfic

I was going to make Imp post this, but I got bored, so here I am, posting it.

Ladd/Kesler chatfic, porn, with violence and choking. Like you do.

impertinence: i was totally stunned by how endeared to him i am
long, long after your and allison's fic. how awful.
i just think he's great. and deserves better than the canucks. ...and want fic about someone hitting him

panfix: he's just so douchey and awkward about it!

impertinence: right?

panfix: that's totally normal.

impertinence: SO douchey and awkward. and a troll
i would read a 100k epic about kesler being ashamed that he likes getting hit

panfix: YES
and then he just says ridic things and later is like "oh yeah, i guess that was kinda dumb"

impertinence: love hiiiim
seriously though, him getting into fights because it means he gets beat up, and then shamefully jerking it later
why doesn't that fix exist

panfix: i don't knoooow
i would read a million of them

impertinence: siiigh
i might just ambush you someday and tell you a story about it

panfix: you can ambush me with that story ANY TIME

impertinence: i just...andrew ladd beating the shit out of him, and then kesler touching the bruises and jerking off

panfix: yes yes yessssss

impertinence: anyway, so ryan kesler liking getting knocked around

panfix: he's so ashamed
and so angry when ladd brings it up

impertinence: he likes the fight. who doesn't like the fight? adrenalin: it's a thing
he doesn't like getting hurt during. that would be weird

panfix: right. so he doesn't like it.
he just doesn't.

impertinence: the time ladd grabs his throat and digs his wrist into the bruise on kesler's collarbone, it's coincidence that kesler comes right then
ladd can go fuck himself

panfix: he was close anyway
it really didn't have anything to do with it

impertinence: ladd doesn't even say anything about it, really, not right away. but he just looks like he knows
so fuck him
and a few nights later, when he's alone and he jerks off with one hand on his bruised ribs - that has nothing to do with ladd. OR liking pain. at all.

panfix: nothing. and ladd and his smug face can go to hell.

impertinence: he's never slept with another hockey player before, is the problem

panfix: clearly, that's the problem.

impertinence: the problem definitely isn't that he likes pain

panfix: or ladd

impertinence: only the next time they're fucking, ladd full on punches him, and bites him, and just generally knocks him around, and kesler just lets him do it
and ladd does it perfectly

panfix: <3____<3

impertinence: kesler's going to fucking kill him

panfix: as soon as he can move after the amazing orgasm he just had

impertinence: ladd fucking hangs around too, afterwards
and sometimes he'll brush up against kesler and hit one of the bruises and kesler just...hates him

panfix: he's going to kick him out.
any minute now.

impertinence: he's useless. he just sits around and smirks
then there's the time he mentions winning a cup when they're fucking, and kesler takes a swing, and ladd punches him in the goddamn face, and shoves him down onto the bed.
kesler hates him

panfix: okay, i gotta go, but i'll be back home soon and then you can tell me more. <3
or you can email me :)

impertinence: later!

panfix: back!

impertinence: hello!
i got distracted by queen latifah

panfix: she is very distracting

impertinence: love her _
but yes, ladd hitting him and being sarcastic about it

panfix: my favorite way for ladd to be!

impertinence: i'm just stuck on the image of kesler hurting himself
and being super, super guilty about it

panfix: tell me more!

impertinence: i honestly don't know /o\ just, ryan kesler fucking around with his own bruises
and jerking off

panfix: such a good image

impertinence: thinking about ladd, but also just concentrating on how it feels
possibly him running a hand idly over a bruise, and ladd walking out of the shower or something and catching him at it
bc lol, they spend days just hanging around each other, and happening to have sex

panfix: but they don't actually like each other, of course.

impertinence: course not
they hate each other
which is why they spend time in the same house
in separate rooms
until kesler starts jerking off really loudly, and ladd comes in to bite his shoulder and get him off

panfix: god yes.
and then kesler has to get ladd off
because he's really pushy about it

impertinence: kesler mostly just wants to lie there, but ladd's fucking demanding
telling him what to do

panfix: which he doesn't like. because it is annoying.
but it does get ladd to shut up once he does it.

impertinence: and he kind of likes the dumb looks on ladd's face when kesler blows him

panfix: the closer ladd gets to orgasm, the less smug he looks.
which kesler is into

impertinence: the thing is, kesler kind of always means what he does. he's sarcastic, sure, but he's not doing this thing with ladd by accident. but he kind of thinks ladd is, right up until ladd's ready to come. then everything kesler sees is genuine
and yeah, he's into that

panfix: yessssss.
that's the moment when he can be sure that ladd is as unaffected as he likes to pretend.

impertinence: fuck ladd if he doesn't care. this whole thing keeps kesler up, somtimes, just trying to figure it out
so really, it's only a matter of time before ladd pins him and says, "this time you're going to ask me to do it."

panfix: it's such typical ladd. it's not enough to know that kesler likes it when ladd hits him. now he wants him to beg for it.

impertinence: at first kesler thinks he's not going to do it. why would he? but then ladd pulls back, and shit, he looks serious

panfix: and that's fine, really. ladd should leave. kesler should have told him to leave ages ago. except when he opens his mouth, none of that comes out.
when he opens his mouth it's all, please and please and please.

impertinence: yessssss
and ladd looks smug, but kesler doesn't care because ladd's settling back and running his hand over kesler's throat, speculative

panfix: kesler's nervous, suddenly, because he's never been choked before, not even in a fight and what if ladd overdoes it?
except he's also excited, because holy shit

impertinence: he should really call this off
he's not stupid, he knows how bad this could be
instead he turns into the touch, a little. enough that ladd knows he's been given permission

panfix: the smug look drops off of ladd's face for a second. then he ducks his head and his thumbs press slowly down.

impertinence: kesler tries to breathe steadily, but it's hard, because his entire body is tense and focused on Ladd's touch. he holds very, very still, as ladd curls his fingers around kesler's neck and presses lightly
too lightly. "you think that's going to do shit for me?" kesler says. he manages to mostly not sound breathy

panfix: "jesus, you're such a freak," ladd says. but he presses harder.

impertinence: "you like it," kesler says, trying to keep it light. it's kind of damaged by the way his breath hitches when ladd tightens his grip, though.

panfix: ladd doesn't say anything, but he doesn't have to. kesler can see how hard he is.
then he stop paying attention to anything except ladd's hands.

impertinence: he feels safe, which is profoundly stupid, but kesler's kind of used to feeling stupid when it comes to ladd, so whatever
ladd's squeezing, and kesler's vision and hearing are doing weird things, and he can't really breathe, but he's harder than he's ever been before

panfix: he feels like if ladd would just touch his dick, however lightly, he'd come immediately. but ladd would mean ladd taking his hands away from kesler's throat, and that needs to not happen.
he also kinda feels like he's floating a few feet off the bed.
so there's that.

impertinence: his limbs feel heavy at the same time that he feels like he's floating, and maybe he's hallucinating things but ladd looks kind of...careful. he looks careful.

panfix: but kesler is also starting to see some colored spots, so ladd might not actually look like that.

impertinence: probably not. whatever, kesler doesn't care, this is shaping up to be the best orgasm of his life.
and then ladd leans down and bites him, right above where his fingers are, just below his chin, and kesler just - he fucking loses it.

panfix: when he comes to, he feels fucking amazing. he can feel himself smiling like an idiot, but doesn't even care to stop himself. so it takes him a minute to register ladd sitting next to him, cell phone in hand, looking a little relieved and a lot freaked out.

impertinence: "calm the fuck down," he says, slurring a little and reaching out. Ladd hasn't come yet, he should...
"whoa, hang on, a second ago you were passed out," ladd says, moving away from him.

panfix: kesler sits up so he can grab ladd and move him back to where he should be - in the bed with kesler - but when he does the room tilts crazily and he has to put his hands down to steady himself
while he takes deep breaths and tries not to pass out again.

impertinence: "yeah, no, there's no way," ladd says.
but he doesn't sound convinced, so kesler says, "jerk off on me."

panfix: "fuck," ladd says. "you were unconscious." but he's starting to look interested again.
"and now i'm awake, and i want you to jerk off on me."

impertinence: ladd shakes his head, but he moves so he's hovering over kesler. "what the fuck is wrong with you?"
kesler shrugs.

panfix: he feels way to good right now to wonder that himself. instead he says, "come on, do it," and smiles when ladd starts jerking himself off.
ladd gets hard again quickly and kesler relaxes back into the pillows, enjoying his show.

impertinence: ladd's not handsome, but he's hot. really hot. especially like this, looking kind of pissed at himself and jerking off, and making dumb faces when he twists his hand
kesler reaches out and touches his knee, running his thumb over it, arching his back a little. he likes showing off.

panfix: ladd opens his eyes, and his gaze slides up kesler's chest and stops on his throat.
kesler wonders if there are bruises there already or if it's just red
if ladd can see the shape of his hands

impertinence: if he'd do it again
god, kesler wants him to do it again

panfix: he keeps stroking ladd's knee with one hand, and reaches up to his throat with the other.
"you liked it, didn't you?" he asks, sliding his finger around. it feels tender and sends a little zing through him.
"you wanna do it again?"
"because i want you to."

impertinence: "fuck off," ladd says, breathing hard. "I don't - your kinks are fucking dumb, Kesler. You fucking pussy."
that just makes Kesler laugh, because seriously? "Yeah, sure, so dumb. So bad. and you want to do it again. You'll get off thinking about this."

panfix: "when you're all alone at home, you'll imagine this. imagine wrapping your hands around my throat. imagine coming all over me."

impertinence: "fuck off," Ladd says, but his hand is moving faster and he's fucking staring.
"who's the fucking pervert, man? the guy getting choked, or you?"

panfix: "fuck!" ladd says, and comes, hitting keslers chest, and throat and chin.

impertinence: kesler gives himself a fraction of a second to feel fucking good, dirty and good, before he rolls his eyes and wipes it off. "finally."
"fuck off," ladd says, getting up. kesler doesn't think for a second he's doing anything but going to get something to clean them up with, because ladd's an anal motherfucker, and he wouldn't - he wouldn't just leave.

panfix: he hears ladd walk out of the bathroom a few second later. he opens his eyes, and ladd is looking worried again.
he tries to go back to looking smug when he sees kesler looking, but it doesn't look very sincere.
he holds up his handful of damp tissues and starts cleaning kesler up. kesler might try and help, but he's sleepy and it feels nice.

impertinence: and, okay, he winds up falling asleep, grabbing a pillow so he can curl up around it and muttering, "let yourself out."
"fuck you, maybe I will," ladd says
kesler wakes up to ladd sleeping on his couch, though. not even in a guest room: on his fucking couch

panfix: kesler sighs and goes to start coffee.
he catches sight of himself in the microwave, and yeah, his throat is bruising up nicely.
(oh my god, imp. this is so great. we are so great.)

impertinence: (DUH)
ladd comes out yawning
and says "coffee? pour me some."
"just because I let you beat me up doesn't make me your fucking maid," kesler says, but he pours two mugs

panfix: he leaves it on the counter for ladd while he uses the cream and sugar first.
it's not like ladd is a real guest.

impertinence: ladd's just hanging around. fuck him. kesler's going to make him go home soon.
he's got a crick in his neck, and he reaches up to massage it, only he hits a bruise instead, and - fuck, he thinks, turning so ladd can't see his face. that really happened

panfix: he doesn't hear ladd come up behind him, but he feels it when ladd leans against his back and runs a hand lightly down his throat.
kesler can't stop the way he gasps and presses back into ladd.

impertinence: "you're so fucking easy," ladd says, kissing kesler's neck.
sure, but it's not like kesler cares. "yeah, sure," he says, rocking his hips a little.

panfix: ladd's hard in his boxers, so he's one to talk about easy. but he makes kesler brace his hands against the counter while he kisses his neck and sticks his hand in kesler's shorts, so kesler is prepared to let it go

impertinence: "you'd let me do anything," ladd says. he still sounds breathy and dumb. "fuck, kes, you'd let me...fuck."
"do something," Kesler says, wiggling a little
but then ladd finally gets his hand on Kesler's dick

panfix: he's jacking kesler off, and breathing hard onto the back of kesler's neck, and grinding his dick into kesler's ass. between all of that, kesler is gasping and moaning, and coming into ladd's hand in no time.
he'd be embarrassed, but why start now? besides, ladd grabs onto keslers hips and humps his way to orgasm a minute later.

impertinence: "very smooth," kesler says when he can talk again.
"fuck you," ladd says, but for once...he doesn't sound mad.
and i have to go home
we'll do more later

panfix: and i should go to bed.

impertinence: haha seriously, god, it's so late. whyyyy
panfix: later!
Tags: canucks, chatfic, hockey, hockeyrpf, ladd/kesler
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