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Primer: The Ballad of Andrew Ladd and Ryan Kesler

So, I really like Andrew Ladd. And I really like Ryan Kesler. And I also ship them really hard, and I am going to tell you about all of those things.

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So clearly, if you're like me, what you will have gotten from all of this is: Hatesex! And then they fall in love!

Make it so.

Much love to shoemaster who found a bunch of the links for me when I was too lazy to do it. And for being the only one who would talk to me about Ladd and Kesler for like, a year.

Picspam/Primer: The Chicago Blackhawks

You guys, I really love the Chicago Blackhawks. And I think you should too! So I'm gonna show and tell you why.

(Image heavy and also has some embedded video. Be aware.)

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If you want to know more about hockey, you can check out Dira's hockey primer (slightly dated on some of the rules, but awesome and easy to understand) or Ice Hockey on Wikipedia.

The End.

Let's go Hawks!

(PS: This post never would have happened without shoemaster. Not only did she let me drag her into loving the Blackhawks, she lets me watch hockey at her place 3 times a week, and also nagged me to finish this, and made sure there were no mistakes and pointed out important things I'd missed. <3!)
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Bandslash Fic: Burn This City Down (AU, Brendon/Ryan, Adult)

I feel like I have been writing this story for forever. Seriously guys, since August. I can't believe it's finished.

Burn This City Down (show you the light)


A Little Less 'Night of the Living Dead,' A Little More Bite Me

Pairing: Brendon/Ryan (Brendon/Ryan/William, with implied Brendon/William, Pete/Patrick and others)
Rating: Adult
Wordcount: 22,795
Warnings: 16 Candles AU, which means vampires, violence, and blood.
Summary: Brendon knows a lot of things about Ryan Ross. What Brendon doesn't know is why he can't stay away from the boy.

Disclaimer #1: This story is about real people in fictional situations. Being an AU, it's even more not real than usual.
Disclaimer #2: If you found this story by googling your name or your friends' names, please hit the back button now. If you choose to read anyway, well, you've been warned. All I ask is that I don't know about it and you don't make fun of me on myspace. Cobra Starship, sorry, you're not in this one, so you might as well not bother.

Beta by darksylvia who is wonderful and amazing. Many thanks to xnotalovesong who has been enthusiastically encouraging this story since the very beginning.

And now, some actual fic.

Part One | Interlude | Part Two
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Bandslash Fic: Something Unexpected (Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Ryan)

I always thought my first RPS would be JSquared. Then Ryan Ross happened.

Something Unexpected
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: Adult
Wordcount: 5300
Warnings: Contains mild bondage and D/s content
Summary: don't stop push it now/and i will give it all to you

Disclaimer #1: This story is about real people in fictional situations. This never happened.
Disclaimer #2: If you found this by googling your name or your friends’ names, please hit the back button now. Seriously, Pete, this means you.

Beta by provetheworst and darksylvia, who helped put awesome gloss on this story and made jokes about subordinate clauses. They are awesome. Cheerleading and early encouragement by xnotalovesong. Summary from The Sounds.

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Supernatural Fic: Spark (AU, Sam/Dean, Adult)

I have never completed a story of this size. I am nervous as fuck. I can't even look at this story anymore without wanting to throw things. But here we go.

Title: Spark
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 24,343
Spoilers: AU with minor spoilers for early Season 2.
Warnings: Incest.

Summary: Dean Collins is a regular Chicago firefighter. Then he meets Sam, a mysterious guy who introduces him to a world he never knew existed. You can't run from the past, even if you've forgotten what it is.

Artists: I was lucky enough to have two wonderful artists who decided to work with my story. wordplay__ made an absolutely fabulous vid, which can be found here. (Major spoilers for the story, so watch it after you read!) ladyvyola made two gorgeous covers for the story, both of which can be found here. Please do not hesitate to tell them how amazing they are and how beautiful their art is.

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June 24, 2007: Edited to fix a bunch of typos. Thanks to everyone who pointed them out!

And now, the fic.

One | Two | Three || Vid | Covers